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Connecting with a sponsor is easy! Simply search for a certain professor or campus organization's contact email, copy and paste the content below into an email, sign your name and send. This person/organization will become a key player when you have question or need help facilitating making connections to move things forward for your event.

I wanted to connect with you about helping me make a positive impact on our campus. I want to help create awareness about the issues of abusive relationships and feel that hosting a screening of the documentary Sin by Silence on our campus is the perfect tool in creating change. I am asking for your recommendation of the event so that I may begin connecting on campus organizations and event related needs.

You can find out more information about the film and and experience the impact of the film at

I know that this is a great opportunity to use the the power of film to help make a difference in the lives of our students and community. I plan to take the full responsibility of connecting with a local domestic violence organization for a discussion panel after the film, as well as begin on campus actions so our students can become inspired to take the initiative to volunteer and make a difference in their own ways.

If you have any other thoughts or advice, I would be appreciative! I am really excited about this opportunity and hope you will join me in the impact!

(Your name)


Make sure your chosen event location has the following equipment:

DVD PLAYER to play the film
PROJECTOR to show the film
SCREEN to project the film
SPEAKERS to hear the film
MICROPHONES to host the event and panel discussion
TECH OPERATOR to run the equipment during the event

Click here to download this list for an event notebook to stay organized.


Email for all the information and agreement to purchase the $80 licensing fee. But, don't worry, we include 4 additional DVDs to sell at your event to make back the cost.